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Why Invest Offshore?

Investing offshore involves moving your money outside of your home country and investing it in a foreign currency offshore. Moving money to an offshore jurisdiction is a common way, both large and small-scale investors can take advantage of potentially higher rates of return and improved diversification away from political, currency, and economic uncertainty.

South Africa’s investment opportunities constitute only about 1% of the total opportunities that exist globally. Ask yourself why you have limited yourself to only investing in 1% of the potential investment opportunities that exist? Structuring your offshore investments is crucial, so as to ensure you are being tax efficient and compliant with global industry regulations.

Offshore Service Offering

Offshore Companies

Setting up an offshore company is extremely complex and requires knowledge in a number of intricate areas. Used correctly, offshore companies can benefit their shareholders significantly, especially when considering doing business outside of South Africa.

Foreign Residency Programmes

Foreign Residency programmes are an attractive way for wealthy clients to acquire an alternative passport or travel document. Allowing you and your family the option of emigrating at any point in time,

Offshore Trusts

Offshore Trusts are used to protect a client’s assets from creditors and ensure inter-generational wealth preservation. Trusts have been given bad press in South Africa, for a number of reasons. However, used correctly they can offer their beneficiaries substantial benefits.

Offshore Investments

The world of offshore investing is complex, as is deciding how best to hold the assets. Selecting the right investments and structure to hold the investments is imperative to success and achieving superior returns. I assist clients select both the best investments and structures to achieve these superior returns.

Safe and Experienced offshore investing services

Offshore investing can be complex and confusing for individuals without experience or expertise in dealing with such matters. Selecting the right investments and ensuring that they are housed correctly is imperative to success. There are many unregulated investment opportunities being run out of blacklisted jurisdictions, that can lead to investors finding themselves in hot water. Having a professional like myself on your side ensures at all times that:

  • There are high levels of statutory consumer protection.
  • Well regulated, reputable jurisdictions.
  • High levels of asset protection.
  • Investments are geographically portable and manageable irrespective of where you move to.

Frequently asked questions 


Offshore corporations may be used to own and operate businesses, issue shares, bonds or otherwise raise capital, guarantee obligations, hire employees, buy goods and services, sell goods and services, make contracts, rent office space, maintain checking and saving accounts, and maintain retirement plans for employees. 


Offshore investing is no more risky than a local investment, In fact, it may be less risky, owing to the current political and economic challenges facing South Africa. It is important that you have access to an experienced investment professional or adviser to help navigate some of the regulatory and legal challenges that can arise when moving funds abroad.

What to invest in, offshore?

It’s the role of your financial adviser to recommend, in consultation with you, which options are right for you. This is based upon, amongst other things, your attitude to risk and volatility, investment time horizon, investment experience, and age. Some options are listed below:

  • Guaranteed return funds
  • Managed futures funds (these funds can make money whether the markets are going up or down)
  • Commodities
  • Property
  • Government and corporate bonds
  • Structured products
  • Personalized share portfolios

There are a number of ways of moving funds abroad. The easiest and most common way is by making use of your annual travel allowance of R1m as well as utilizing your offshore investment allowance of R10m. The former requires no clearance, the latter requires a tax clearance certificate which you can get from SARS directly or allow a financial adviser to apply for, on your behalf.

Managing wealth is just the start

At GAP Maynard I understand that there are many right ways to invest. Each client’s objectives and personalities are different. This is why the first step in my client/advisor relationship is a comprehensive financial plan. A comprehensive financial plan helps me better understand your goals and objectives. It gives me a clear picture of your lives, past experiences, and level of risk you are willing to take with your investments. This process helps me to pick the right investment strategy for you, unique and specific in nature, to help you towards achieving your financial goals.

I understand your needs

Trust takes a lifetime to build and is easily lost which is why I place such emphasis on nurturing the relationship. When you work with me every plan is customized. My objective is to help you organize your financial affairs to ensure you meet your goals.

Personalised Services

Your financial goals are about more than just the numbers. As a private client, you receive personal attention and sound advice. I walk you through a step-by-step process designed to help you make well informed financial decisions with conviction.

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